23 June 2011

Car Industry Strikes Back Update

Here's the latest in the Car Industry Strikes Back category.

Okay, calling this advert "striking back" is perhaps a bit of an exaggeration but as Marc from Amsterdamize points out, the auto-insurance company behind the film apparently thinks that driving on bike lanes and sidewalks is perfectly acceptable urban behaviour.

In other not-so-striking striking back news from auto-related people, we know that Cycle Chic has been a great inspiration to many over the years.

We find it, however, odd that we have inspired the website Be Car Chic, too. The site is a rather feeble attempt to brand automobiles as chic here in the Age of Demotorization.

If you look at the URL - becarchic - it looks like the name of one of the chemcials that cars emit in our cities. But I digress...
Sure, it's a tiny little website - more of a weak nipple flick than a 'striking back' but it shows the same tendency that we're seeing all over the world. All the focus on more liveable cities, bicycle transport and public transport has pushed the automobile industry and their disciples into a corner for the first time in two or three generations.

Let's face it, cars aren't chic. Some cars are cool, sure. My first car was a 1967 Ford Mustang and I have a thing for the BMW 2002 Alpin, but using a form of transport that pollutes our cities with emissions and noise, that scares our citizens and kills pedestrians and cyclists, that costs us billions in road maintenance and that takes up space that could be used for reestablishing liveable streets will never be chic.

What it is slowly becoming - once again for the first time since the first Anti-Automobile Age - is socially unacceptable. And that is both inevitable and perfectly acceptable.


SteveL said...

well, they could be reported to the police. Or the cyclists could fight back by doing a trials bike event in the foyer of the insurance company's offices.

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Hybrid cars are on the way, though.

perth car hire said...

"Driving on bike lanes and sidewalks is perfectly acceptable urban behaviour." Is that not simply ridiculous? I have to watch this film and see for myself the rationality behind all this.

bad credit auto loans said...

I don't think there are any countries who can look at this and say "well, take that pesky pedestrians and bikers. We take back the road, all of it!"

auto financing said...

It's understandable for drivers to get frustrated, but to take this on an absurd extreme is just... well, absurd.

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