03 July 2011

Bogota Cargo Bike Culture

iphone 2011-04-07 346
One aspect of Copenhagen's bicycle culture that always gets us reaching for a camera are the cargo bikes. Transporting goods from A to B. It was lovely to see people doing the same in Bogotá.

iphone 2011-04-07 397
Bicycle taxi transporting people from A to B.

iphone 2011-04-07 384
Taking potatoes from the market to home.

iphone 2011-04-07 352
Cargo bicycle drink vendor.


shuichi said...

You like cargo bikes, right?^-

LadyEnoki said...

check out some of my pictures from Cartagena and Bogota :)


Quiltro said...

Haha, I spotted the same guy last November in Bogotá.

bikehirebrisbane said...

we have a few of these bikes floating around brisbane. would be great to see more people use these as a means to go shopping. i think a few places also hire them out in west end at the markets.great photos

matiasmm said...

sometimes I think the best bikes should be cargo bikes, but they aren't even good most times.

matiasmm said...

Sometimes I deliver by bike, I hope that in some time better cargo bikes come to life in Brasil.