04 July 2011

CycleSpace - Dr Steven Fleming

A friend was in town this week. Steven Fleming, professor of architecture at the University of Newcastle in Australia. Architectural theorist, pithy purveyor of the Behooving Moving blog, bicycle user, karma consultant to the planet and all round decent bloke. He was here all week as we exploited that fact to hang out as much as possible. We wandered into odd and distant conversational realms but we usually ended up back at architecture, urban planning and bicycles.

Dr. Steve has been travelling extensively to research his upcoming book, CycleSpace. I figured the best way to figure out what the hell all THAT is about was to film it.


kfg said...

Bearing in mind that all this unintended cycle space is being created because the spaces are being made deliberately vehicle necessary.

A 90% cycling mode will only occur because it still sucks to walk anywhere and from the pedestrian point of view the bicycle will be at risk of becoming the new boss, same as the old.

A "Bicycle Friendly" city is not one that is optimized for bicycle travel; it is one where everyone feels friendly towards cyclists.

Anonymous said...

I suspect he is being cheeky but the book will prove it -- but for now: Wow - and I generally agree with kfg - I hope this guy didn't get his PhD for some similar selfish, drunken rubbish. If I am wrong he can challenge me to a cycling vs. walking/slow cycling race on the "West River".

Or is this a new advert for Biomega e-bikes?

Anonymous said...

Hmm, okay, read his blog, seems like he was joking around - I certainly hope no one took him seriously.

kfg said...

He is a wee bit snarky. I rather like that.

behoovingmoving said...

Oh dear, this is like explaining the concept of air-space to Emus, who just see the sky. Thanks for the comments folks.They do help in refining my rhetoric. kfg: the many citizen cyclists on footpaths and piazzas in Ravenna don't lord it over pedestrians. Their force (mass times velocity) is almost the same. Also, a walkable city has not been built since feudal times. Give up the pipe-dream :)
And thanks Mikael. I can't believe you shot that with an SLR camera!

kfg said...

"citizen cyclists on footpaths and piazzas in Ravenna"

I usually cite Ferrara, but Ravenna and Siena also do quite nicely; and I'll throw in Tokyo now and again because Mikael is particularly fond of it, or Florence because most Americans have heard of it.

"Give up the pipe-dream :)"

Despite the fact that I'm a dreaded "avid" cyclist, ummmmmmm, no thank you.

I'll continue to think you're a "hoot" as well. Bookmarked your site.