05 July 2011

Vox Populi in Toronto

A propos our recent post about Toronto mayor Rob Ford's wish to remove the Jarvis Street bike lane, the Toronto Cyclists Union has just produced this video asking the users of the street their opinion about the subject.

I especially like the drivers' opinions on the subject. Also because they are the future, potential users of the bike lane.

Thanks to Kevin for the link.


burrito said...

Love that most of the drivers are totally reasonable and supportive.

Khal said...

Perhaps in anticipation of a vote to remove, the Toronto cycling folks should all get out some morning and take the travel lane.

Interestingly, if there wasn't a bike lane there, I think that curbside traffic lane would be too narrow to share side by side anyway; without the guide of the paint stripe, it would be far less efficient as a traffic mover.

Richard said...

Greetings for the Amish community of Lebanon,pa. I have a few Schwinn bike post this week on my blog, so i welcome everyone to it. Richard from Amish Stories.

LGV said...

So surprise of the drivers reaction. I was waiting for the f... latin reactions. And you got only one, from a women !
What's wrong with this bikie line ?
It need separation with the dangerous stream of cars (who are carrefull if we listen to the lady)

Kevin Love said...

At least Mr. Ford has been consistent. Here is a video of the formal 2009 City Council debate on installing the Jarvis Street cycle lanes when Mr. Ford (then municipal Councillor for Ward 2) tells us what he really thinks about cyclists.