25 August 2011

Vancouver: "But We Never Used to Cycle Here" - Yeah, right

1966 – Bikes at Blundell Elementary School.

Continuing the series of bicycle photos that show cycling as a normal transport form in cities, we have moved on to Vancouver, Canada. I used to be seen in the city, riding a crappy bike in regular clothes down from Lynn Valley and North Van, over the Lion's Gate to work downtown in the late 1980's. Or riding around downtown and Kitsalano in the early 1990's. 

1943 – Canadian Youth Hostel bicycle hike at the grizzly bear cage in the Stanley Park Zoo.

1943 – Bicycle hike at Douglas Park.

1940s – A boy examines his new bicycle license.

1943 – Lumberman’s Arch.

1932 – Acrobats at the Vancouver Exhibition (now, PNE)

1943 – July 1st celebration in Richmond.

1890s – Bicycle racers and friends at Brockton Point.