24 August 2011

Zoos and Bicycles

Barcelona Zoo Transport
It was lovely to see bicycles in action at Barcelona Zoo, used by the staff to get around the park. Like many zoos, each exhibition has it's own bicycles. Above, the sticker, refers to a marine exhibit.
Barcelona Zoo Bicycle Primates
This chap works with primates.
Barcelona Zoo Cargo Bike Acrobat
It was interesting to see a Danish Acrobat cargo bike from Esimex at the zoo selling ice cream and soft drinks. The solar panel sticking up was a bit wobbly and I wouldn't want to ride the trike in wind, but hey, it is perfect for riding or pushing the trike around the zoo.
Primates Bicycle
Here is a Copenhagen version of the Primate exhibit's bicycle. Sturdy front rack for carrying gear.
Zoobikes Zoological Cycle Chic
Every bike at the Copenhagen Zoo is equipped with practical front and/or back racks. At left it is lovely to see that cycling is sociable even at the zoo.
Ice Bikes
And here is a fleet of ice cream bikes, from Acrobat, at the Copenhagen Zoo. As far as I recall, the Sushi Bike that serves the beaches in Copenhagen is also the same brand.
Tapir Bicycles outside the Tapir House at Copenhagen Zoo
Even the humble Tapir exhibit at the Copenhagen Zoo is equipped with dedicated bicycles.
Zoo Berlin Holding On
And since we're on the theme, here's a zoo employee heading home by bicycle in Berlin.


Laura Laker said...

Animals and bicycles: one of nature's best combinations! Except when being chased by dogs. Go Barcelona!

behoovingmoving said...

Governors Island (New York) will have a "flock" of specially designed wooden bikes, shaped like birds, for free use by anyone there. http://www.west8.nl/projects/all/governors_island/

anboro said...

As a Barcelona citizen, I'm proud to see the improvements in the city for bikers. I'm currently living in Norway and biking every day. Still a lot to do here, though!

Veer said...

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Leya Barr said...

The Seattle zoo uses trikes and if needed, electric vehicles.

@anboro - I totally agree, Norway could really be more bike progressive!