06 September 2011

Bicycle Watchdog in Tilburg

A campaign from the Dutch city of Tilburg. We're taking a wild guess and thinking it is to stop people from parking there. Please enlighten us, Dutch friends. :-)

Bike Guard Dog
Here's a Copenhagen version of guarding your bike parking spot.


Frits B said...

Your assumption is correct. Cyclists tend to leave their bikes all over the place although there is a lot of free designated parking space available just around the corner. The "dog" is an experiment to draw attention to notices telling cyclists where to park. No Parking signs don't work; I suppose the same is true for CPH.

shuichi said...

The bulldog may not prevent people from parking their bikes there.^^

konrad Krause said...

perhaps, the available parking space is too far away?!

susan said...

It says, "barking watchdog against mis-parked bikes"...

Hier waak ik = "I stand guard here"

Stal je fiets in een van de gratis fietsenstallingen die Tilburg rijk is = Park your bike in one of the free bike parking spaces that Tilburg is rich in

Daar staat je fiets veilig en gratis = There stands your bike safe and for free

Tilburg fietst = Tilburg bikes (Tilburg goes biking)

Frits B said...

@Konrad Krause: Only in their minds! Take my word for it: "just around the corner". But if you put an object in an open space like this, cyclists use it to park their bike against it. And one bike leads to more bikes ... Did you notice in the video that no bikes were parked against the shop windows? Probably because they are removed immediately.

Angela van der Kloof said...

The 'dog' had several articles and other free publicity, so if that was the aim, it is well done. But if it is a one-time thing and nothing is connected with it, there will not be a positive effect.

And in this case, as in many others, history cannot be neglected. What is a public square now, used to be an important part of the first red cycle lane in the world. A lane from Tilburg University through the hart of the city, to the smaller town Oisterwijk 12 km east.
The route still exists in the hearts and minds of the cyclists, just like the free unguarded bike parking that used to be there.

Will we replace the bicycle facilities with the electronic 'watchdog' in our hearts?