01 September 2011

Copenhagen Daycare Parking

Here's what the parking situtation looked like outside my daughter's daycare today. It was the annual summer party. Normally parents pick up their offspring over a few hours each afternoon so it's cool to see the bicycles all gathered there at once. All manner of bicycles. You name it. Crappy old vintage short johns, fancy cargo bikes, bike seats, you name it.

Oh, and I probably missed about 50 bikes or so when shooting this.

There are about 200 children between 8 months and 6 years in this combined daycare/kindergarten.


ndru said...

My son will go to school for the first time this Monday. I am anxious to see how many people choose to cycle in with their kids.

shuichi said...

Wow, there are many rear seats for children. It is a pity that there are no Japanese-style front baskets for children. I hope there will be some in the future.