09 October 2011

Bucharest Needs Help

We recieved a cry for help in the Copenhagenize inbox today. Marian, from Bucharest, wrote simply, "Help us!"

And then included a link to this fantastic video filmed in the city. A review of the "completed" cycle tracks in the Romanian capital. Ish. Brilliant stuff from Optar.ro

Crappy bicycle infrastructure made by traffic planners who don't know the first thing about Best Practice, who don't ride bicycles for transport and who only look forward to the day when they can upgrade their automobile to a newer model is something that is well documented on the internet. What is happening in Bucharest, however, boggles the mind.


Szymon Bęczkowski said...

Polish lanes are only a bit better, tak a look: http://poznan.gazeta.pl/poznan/51,36037,10304421.html?i=0 Company building the lane says this layout will help to minimize the costs. Help us too!

Andrew said...

Dublin bike lanes are getting better but its early days. it takes time for people to even see them. I remember my first trip to Amsterdam because I was not used to them I didnt even see them. To this day I,m greatful to the people of Amsterdam for not running me over or kicking me up the backside

chicago real estate said...

It would be a time to see the all 10 at once on the event and than the competition will be tough and incredible to watch.

Martin K. said...

Yeah, everything seems familiar, unfortunately. In Poland the same mistakes are being made over and over again. Bike lanes run in front of bus shelters, they suddenly disappear, they are narrow and absurd, designed by people who have never ridden a bicycle in their life. The situation in Bucharest is obviously much more extreme, however, the overall paranoia appears the same. What Szymon Bęczkowski posted earlier is only an example of bright, ingenious Polish traffic engineering.

marian said...

X ray for 10 Cycling Tracks (Bucharest, Europe)


Save Our Cycle Route - Wendover said...

England needs help - still fighting for only the second bicycle route in a place called Wendover, final decision this week. It seems it is safer for primary school children to share a road what has been called 'car gridlock' than to share a pavement.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the amazing cycling infrastructure in Cambridge, UK. Contact Patrick Joyce at Cambridgeshire County Council - he's the fantastic man who can plan you a city of awesome bike paths.

investment property in perth said...

All those bicycle tracks look crooked I bet you would crash into a lot of people if you followed the lane

k3x said...

Send them one of these: