05 October 2011

My Bike Was Stolen AGAIN

Photo by Diego Franssens - from interview in Belgian magazine Knack.

Here we go again. Some of you may remember the fairytale ending the last time my Bullitt cargo bike got stolen, back in May 2011. What started with this blogpost ended happily with this one.

Last night, it happened all over again. I have just moved flats - last Saturday - and this real estate agency have not yet given me keys to the backyard, where there is a bike shed. It's a secure backyard, requiring a key to get in or out. (nor have they given me a key to the postbox, so if you've sent me a postcard, I haven't read it yet...)

In lieu of being able to park the Bullitt in the backyard, I parked it on the sidewalk outside the flat. It is a busy street, right next to a busy intersection and a bus stop. I bought an extra lock - super thick Amsterdam style - and both locks secured the bike to a metal railing. Not optimal, but hey.

This morning, the locks lay curled on the sidewalk like sleeping rattlesnakes and the bike was gone.

Bloody irritating.

So, if you live in Copenhagen and spot it, please let me know. Ring or send a text to (45)26 25 97 26

Last time it got stolen and returned was a dreamy experience. I'm not expecting to repeat that success but you never know. There are only 30 red Bullitts in Copenhagen and none of them have red side panels like mine. Here's the description.

- It's red
- Brooks saddle and Brooks handlebar grips.
- The red side panels are one of a kind.
- It has a foldable seat in the box.
- It's the only damn Bullitt with black brake cables and a white gear cable.
- On the cross bar there is a "Hold my bicycle while I kiss your girlfriend" Cycle Chic sticker.
- On the left side of the box there is an FC St. Pauli sticker (round) and a Copenhagenize sticker (round) as well as a Svajerløb 2011 sticker.
- On the right side of the box there is a Copenhagenize sticker (round) and some Svajerløb stickers.
- On the handlebar stem there is a Knog Skink bike light (white) - which doesn't work and stopped working shortly after starting to use it because a couple of rain drops got in it. Sheesh.
- On the back fender there are three Transporte Ativo stickers in three colours.
- The Bullitt logo on the sides - at the bottom - is in a yellowish colour, whereas many Red Bullitts have white lettering. This is quite an important detail in recognising it.

Football Transport
Thanks in advance for any help. Wouldn't it be wild to get it back twice?

Hvis du bor i KBH/FRB og ser cyklen send gerne en sms til 26259726.

Remember... when a bike is stolen a fairy dies.


ndru said...

Shame. Hope you get it back. I can't even start imagining what I would feel like if my bike was stolen.

Cédric said...

Sad... I really hope you get your cargo bike back

Jason Tinkey said...

May those thieves suffer a fate worse than death, may they be forced to ride in Cairo traffic the rest of their natural lives. Amen.

On a more positive note, go St. Pauli!

amoeba said...

I would be distressed if it happened to me.

Obviously, I hope you get it back and soon.

Thomas said...

Damn, I truly HATE bike thieves. I've lost quite a few bikes to thieves in Denmark (and one in London)... this is a huge exception in Danes' usually civic-minded and law-abiding nature. I now live in car-crazy Sydney, and just about the only good thing about the lack of bike culture here is that I can leave my bike unlocked outside shops and my home. Well, that and having huge highway emergency lanes all for myself to speed along. I definitely won't grumble if bike culture ever settles down here though.

DVCA said...
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Robert Hoehne said...

buy one of these, http://www.integratedtrackers.com/GPSTrack/Products.jsp
Mine works very well.

shuichi said...

How sad. I am very sorry again. However no doubt your red one will be back again.

Lasse said...


Anonymous said...

I 'spect it'll turn up at the cargo bike races.

Mr C. said...

As the proprietor of one of the most well-read bicycle websites in the world, I think you've got as good a chance as anyone at getting your Bullit back. Good luck, I hope it finds its way back to you again.

Nils said...

A red Bullitt came for sale yesterday on dba.dk but well... thieves are stupid, but not that stupid. Anyway, hope you find it again.

Anonymous said...


My cykel was stolen across the bridge from you in Lund, Sweden. While filing my report at the local police station, I asked the officer if there really was anything one could do to deter this. The sincere reply was that no there really isn't because most of the theft is linked to professionals. As one of my fellow students remarked, "Your bicycle is already disassembled, crated, and on board a ship heading for (insert name of impoverished Eastern European country of your choice)."

Adding insult to injury, after six months I have yet to hear from the "insurance" company Folksam regarding my claim for reimbursement. Even when I try, I can't seem to win.

tstreet said...

While this is a shame, at least there will be one more bike in circulation on the planet. Just several billion to go and we will be in good shape.

'Xander Labayen said...

and I thought the good bike theives lived in Toronto.

Good luck on finding it!

Collegiate Athlete said...

That's terrible, I am so sorry. Hopefully it is recovered again!

Anonymous said...

Fingers crosses you get it back safe and sound. x

ATX Bikette said...

That sucks. I guess bike thieves don't read bike blogs?

Alex Rybakoff said...

What a pity :(( Hope the miracle will happen again and you'll find your bike.

I'll be soon in Copenhagen and, who knows, maybe will see the Bullitt somewhere and then I'll will have a good reason to meet you :))

Anonymous said...

I'll certainly remember to scan every Bullitt I pass by (Except Hans', of course) on the Copenhagen streets. And the suburbs, of course.

amoeba said...

Do you ever read your email: mca@copenhagenize... ?

Did you follow it up? I make no guarantees, but it might help.

Konsi said...

If it does not reappear, I could provide you a new St. Pauli-Sticker, living only 500m from the Stadium ... but I hope it will be back soon!