09 November 2011

Bicycle Innovation Lab - Denmark's First Cultural Centre for Bicycle Culture

This Friday, in Copenhagen, Copenhagenize Consulting is proud to present the opening of Denmark's first cultural centre for cycling - Bicycle Innovation Laboratory. Together with our colleagues at the NGO Miljøpunkt Amager we've created a space where Danish bicycle culture can be celebrated, as well as further developed.

The Bicycle Innovation Lab - B.I.L. for short (which, by some strange coincedence looks remarkably like the Danish word for car - 'bil'... hmm) has been made possible through funding from the government's Bicycle Fund (Cykelpuljen) administered by the Danish Road Directorate.

We had long thought that Danish bicycle culture needed a physical home. A place where ideas could be fostered and discussed. A launch pad for innovation.

This Friday that home will open its doors to the public. Danish bicycle culture enjoys global exposure thanks to the internet and not least thanks to both Copenhagenize and Cycle Chic. We can now offer not only citizens but visitors to the city a place where they can enjoy a focused view of our diverse bicycle culture.

Our inspriation sources for the cultural centre include the Danish Design Centre and the Danish Architectural Centre.

Heels and Brolley
B.I.L. will be many things gathered under a big bicycle umbrella. The nature of the funding means that B.I.L. will grow along a upwards curve. In the first phase:

- There will be a Bikeotheque - a library where people can borrow various bicycles for three or four days.
- We will create a forum for keynote speakers from around the world to present their ideas on urban cycling.
- We have built a workshop for citizens to come and learn to build their own frames, work on their bicycles and, hopefully, develop new ideas.
- We'll be leading urban planning bicycle tours in 2012 for interested parties.

Lulu B.I.L.
The list of upcoming projects is long and exciting but let's just get this puppy inaugurated first, shall we? We're done painting, welding, sawing and building. We are looking forward to sharing now.

And we'll kick it off at 11:11 on 11.11.2011.

Here's the Facebook group, too.

If you're in Copenhagen on Friday, you're welcome to come to an Open House between 14 - 17.

Bicycle Innovation Laboratory is located at:
Holmbladsgade 71
2300 Copenhagen S.

Hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

Hmm, you might think you are being clever holding your event on a date with numerical alliteration, but did you consider it may be a little bit insensitive with it being the same time as Remeberance/Armictice Day commemorations, traditionally starting at 11am that day annually?

Portlandize.com said...

That sounds fantastic, congratulations, and good luck!

Anonymous said...

It's also Nigel Tufnel day - but I don't think there's a conflict there.

FYI Denmark said...

Sounds like an interesting concept, especially like the ideas of the workshops on bicycle repair. Just having a place to work on your bike is a great bonus. Look forward to hearing more about the facilities and will definitely stop by during my next København visit.
Congratulations and best wishes.

P.S. November 11th / Rememberance Day can handle sharing the day with you. RD does not own the exclusive rights to what happends on that day. Unfortunately most people do not even celebrate the day or know its signifigance :(

Anonymous said...

It's a great idea. I'll try to follow your web to get ideas for cycling in my city (in Spain)
Good luck!

Spence said...

Congrats! This sounds like something really new, a kind of hackerspace for bike culture. One question though, next time I visit Copenhagen, will I be able to use the bike library? Because that would be rad.

Anonymous said...

Fedt! Der er mange der har ret dårligt cykel-udstyr - de har fået en fed mulighed nu. Thumbs up!