28 November 2011

Copenhagen Bicycle Traffic Flow

Copenhagen Bicycle Volume / Traffic Flow
I often return to this graphic that shows the flow of bicycle traffic in Copenhagen between 06:00 and 18:00 on weekdays. I found it in a City of Copenhagen brochure a couple of years ago and spiced it up a bit. For a larger version, view it over at Copenhagen Consulting's website.

This is the traffic volume for bicycles and scooters - although scooters hardly amount to anything so you're basically looking at bicycle traffic. Only the main streets are featured and the thinnest lines represent 2000-2999 cyclists a day. They get thicker as they approach the city centre as other cyclists join the flocks from the neighbourhoods.

The thickest lines in the middle represent 20,000 + cyclists.

The graphic shows the municipality of Copenhagen and primarily the flow of traffic to and from the city centre. It excludes the urban sprawl surrounding the city and all the bicycle traffic there - to and from work/train stations/schools.

Here is the map that corresponds to the graphic:

Vis stort kort


Behooving Moving said...

Interestingly, the bike lanes don't get wider to reflect the added volume.

Erik Griswold said...

I'd love to see how thick those lines are going out into the suburbs. That is, IMHO, the real story, especially given Kbh.'s super-duper public transport network.

Mikael said...

the bike lanes DO get wider on the main routes. 4-5 metres wide in places.

Anonymous said...

Well, "in places", yes. They're a little slow in building them...