23 November 2011

Toyota - Car Industry Strikes Back

Here's the latest installment in the Car Industry Strikes Back series here on Copenhagenize.com. This time from the land of the rising fun. Nippon.

Toyota, like the rest of the car industry, is worried about the increasingly negative perception of the automobile, rising oil prices and the demotorization of our societies.

After decades of transport dominance, the car industry is under threat, not least by bicycles as transport, but also public transport.

How to tackle it? Famous person. Ridicule. A slogan or two. A series of high-end commercials based on a much loved Japanese anime series.

Cue hapless (car-less) geeky guy on an outing with his girlfriend, using public transport. Enter cool guy with a Toyota who drives off with the girl. Geeky guy subservient in front of famous person character (Jean Reno as Doraemon) begging for four wheels.


In this commercial from the series, all the proud national symbols are manipulated and forced to serve Toyota's striving for profit.

Yes, they're worried, the car industry.

Thanks to Santo Isaac on Twitter for the link.