15 December 2011

Bike - Not As Dirty

Hot off the YouTube. Fantastic, simple activism from Brazil. The stencil reads, simply, "Bike - not as dirty".

348 hits on YouTube as I write this. Let's make this viral.

Thanks to Henrik for the link.


Eneko Astigarraga said...


Check this out:


Congrats for your blog!

John G said...

This is such a powerful metaphor... it's really hard to get people to comprehend the power of taking something away. Love it.

ubringliten said...

That's wonderful! What a smart yet cute way to make biking obvious. So cool.

Mike Stead said...

Hmmm...great sentiment, but speaking as someone with kids who like to draw in the dust on the back of our car, rubbing off dirt like this without using water does scratch paintwork. If someone did this to my car and left permanent scratches, or even something requiring polishing, I'd be rightly pissed. So 10/10 for trying, but the execution is highly likely to backfire and engender bike-hate from the owners of these cars. Almost zero chance of converting people IMHO. (And before I get bike-Nazi'd, we hardly use our car at all (maybe once a fortnight) and own 7 bikes which get used every single day).

Anonymous said...

Mike, are you serious? You need to speak to your car manufactory to improve their paint work and many of the stencils were on glass, the dustiest and easiest place to draw. As soon as I find the best stencil(was it cardboard?) I am making one, and my car will be first.

Jimm said...

awesome idea! shall we do this in Copenhagen too? :)

NorthSport.dk said...

Soooo Coool!
Easy to duplicate - go ahead!

SiouxGeonz said...

It's over 11,000 now.

"I'd be pissed" is probably that way rather often.