29 December 2011

Plastic Fantastic Bike Racks

Bike Racks Hedehusene_7
You'd be excused for not having a clue what you're looking at right now. Innovation sometimes goes wrong, but at least the thought was a good, noble one.

Bike Racks Hedehusene_3
Bicycle racks outside Hedehusene Station, west of Copenhagen. I know about them and have seen them from the train to Roskilde countless times. There aren't many places that still have these bicycle racks anymore so when I rode to Roskilde for christmas (previous post) I stopped to take some photos. A rather overcomplicated attempt to provide covered parking for bicycles to protect them from the rain. I've never actually seen them in use, so I was suprised to see that four or five bicycles were parked underneath the plastic fantastic contraptions.

Bike Racks Hedehusene_1 Bike Racks Hedehusene_6
A good idea that never fit in with the Danish desire for ease-of-use and convenience.

If anyone knows when these racks were developed, please let us know in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Don't know where they originated, but we have similar contraptions in Dallas, Texas. Previously we had fully enclosed locker "boxes" at the light rail stations. In the "boxes" the plastic components on bicycles were melting from the Texas summer sun and 40+ degree temperatures. Since these are open on the bottom, presumably they will be cooler.

Karl McCracken (twitter: @KarlOnSea) said...

Excellent idea - though when I first saw the top picture, I thought it was something out of 'Alien'!

Angela van der Kloof said...

Gosh, haven't seen such things before!

I fully agree with you Mikael that innovation sometimes goes wrong... I wonder if this type of bikeracks can be found anywhere in the Netherlands? I am sure that we also have 'innovative' bikeracks in the same 'goes wrong' category.

I love the top picture though, the colours, the shapes

Anonymous said...

FWIW, I seem to remember them from the late 70's/early 80's. But somehow, their design looks more recent. Like early 90's.

Cute idea, really.

Ed said...

Seems like with just a little more plastic they could've made a roof over the whole bike station, which is preferable because you can put down your umbrella while you fiddle with your lock

Healthy cities said...

This is really amazing. I think Japanese people influenced a lot in achieving this fantastic bike racks.