27 January 2012

Feeding Time

Bird Bicycle Feeding
Sometimes you just have to stop and feed the swans and ducks on your way home. With a half a bread roll in the fading light of a Nordic winter day.
Felix Cool

Lulu Cool

Lulu Feeding Swans from the Bullitt



Severin said...

A few things, 1) I was thinking I'd like to read a Copenhagenize post and here it is! 2) This post made me miss Malmo– there's that irreplaceable feeling of being in a park, feeding the birds, in the evening. It is so calming and timeless. 3) I've been seeing the red Bullitt a few times, did you get it back the second time or is this an other red Bullitt?

Mikael Colville-Andersen said...

Thanks! Another Bullitt, not the nicked one.

Helton Moraes said...

Swans are not supposed to eat bicycles. You shouldn't have thrown that one appearing on the last photo (just kidding).

shuichi said...

Ah, I also see some pleople feeding birds on the Kamo river in Kyoto, that I wrote about on my own blog.
Another thing your daughter has surely grown up.:)

Kevin Love said...

No snow, open water...

Looks like you are having a mild winter.

Erik Griswold said...

Aren't the lakes supposed to be drained completely soon in connection to construction of the Metro? That will be interesting.

Severin said...

Damn, sorry to hear, but a new red Bullitt isn't bad either!

Glenn said...

Next time you have so many spare bikes in Copenhagen that you throw them to the swans, fill a shipping container and send them over here. We've got a young man in Port Townsend, WA, USA who runs a business he calls the recyclery. Three days a week it's a business, and three days a week it's free repair, rebuild and maintenance workshops. He's got a program to gut bikes into the hands of kids and poor people too.

I've bought parts at cost from him and used his tools to turn our "sports" bicycles (U.S. bikes are sold with every normal thing like mudguards, racks and lights "optional") into Transport bicycles.

Glenn said...

Oops, that's "PUT bikes into the hands of kids..."

stephan spatt said...

hi mikael,
I really love this pictures with your children and the bullit. I also want to buy one to transport my two children aged 3 and 1. unfortunately in austria the bullit is not very common, so there is no experience with transporting children with a bullit. did you make the ply wood box yourself? any hints? could you send some pictures of yours to see more the details. I would be very thankful at all. best regards,

Grunzl said...

Stephan in Austria:
They sell Bullits in Vienna, in the 4th district I belive. I am sure you could borrow one for a testride. I have seen acurate measurements for the plywood box at the Bullit website, so it should be easy to make a box.
Knut (Vienna)