09 February 2012

Montreal Cargo Bikes

Montreal Cargo Bike Delivery_1
I was in Montreal last week, after visiting Halifax for the Kickstand Sessions. I was pleased to see a number of cargo bikes on the streets. This chap, above, was delivering goods for this supermarket, below:
Montreal Cargo Bike Delivery_2

Montreal Cargo Bike Delivery (2)
These two cargo bikes were parked outside a shop in Mile End, on Bernard Street.
Montreal Cargo Bike_1
And this gentleman was riding around with his son on his Nihola cargo bike.
Montreal Nihola
Which he was also doing last summer, when I was in town.
Montreal Tour la nuit 041
Here are some other cargo bike photos from Montreal. Quelle ville!
Montreal Tour de l'Ile 031

Veló Montreal 002


Paul Dumais said...

These "dépanneur" (convenience store) cargo bikes have been around in Montreal for decades. They used it on my street when I was a kid (1960's) and I'm pretty sure you could spot them on vintage pictures of Montreal dating back to the first half of the 20th century.

Ryan said...

That yellow bike in the second last picture, my little city has had those for as long as I can remember.
I see them almost on a daily basis during the summer, selling ice cream!

Did you get a chance to ride in Halifax?
I've always heard Nova Scotia is quite strict in enforcing their helmet laws.

Mikael Colville-Andersen said...

didn't ride in Halifax. too busy and very walkable city.

shuichi said...

All those cargo bikes are tricycle, right?

Paulo Rafael said...

How about this cargo bike in Brazil?

marke said...

Mikael ... I am that 'gentleman' you seem to bump into when you are in Montréal, with the Nihola. Our family is going to be in Barcelona for 3 months and I am looking for a way to rent a cargo for our stay. I have seen your post on your trip there...any tips on how we could hook up some sort of deal that wouldn't be ridiculously expensive? Are there many options? Perhaps you could reply to me via email? Thanks! Marke (Montréal Nihola Guy).