24 February 2012

Vintage Ignoring the Bull from Colombia

Here's a spot of vintage Ignoring the Bull for you. From Colombia, in the Year of Our Lord the Car, 1948.

Good thing they removed those pesky injured/killed pedestrians immediately after impact so other motorists didn't get blood splashed on their paint job.


Claudio Olivares Medina said...

Also it's a proof that shows how "Traffic safety" it's just a call to adapt our lifes to cars presence in the city. If you don't want to obey, you die. It's a death sentence.

Claudio Olivares Medina said...

Here's the translation for off voice.

"Do not neglect road signs. This oversight will leave you crippled for life.

Skating in the street, brings these consequences. Save your son's life: do not let him skate in public roads (WTF!)

Do not get off the streetcar while it is in motion. A few seconds wait would have prevented this accident."

Looks like this one was the first colombian tv spot. (according video's description)

Unknown said...

Well here's hoping that in the UK, thanks in no small part to the the Times' (normally pro-car, pro-motorist) change of heart to campaign for cyclists' safety, which has been joined by the Guardian (normally pro-environment, pro-cycling). It looks like The Times' recent campaign has started to 'turn the tide'.

Let's hope that the deaths and injuries of cyclists, pedestrians and children cease to be considered the 'acceptable' cost of progress, and become recognised for the unacceptable tragedies they undoubtedly are.

Amoeba said...

The 'Unknown' comment, was mine.