04 March 2012

Battling Speed

These clips were mentioned over at the Slow Bicycle Movement's Facebook group. "Short clip from episode six of Outnumbered, season 3. Pete takes on the neighborhood busybody who opposes traffic-calming measures."
Well said.

And the only thing this German man in this commercial forgot was narrow passages on either side of the World's Best Speed Bump for bicycles to pass.

And it's not like Mr Obama's ride was speeding, but speed bump fans can learn about angles from this tutorial.

Here's another double speed bump that is incredibly effective.

And a traffic bollard in Paris caught this Smart car in its grasp.


l' homme au velo said...

Very funny I enjoyed seeing these especially the Barak Obama Tank coming a Cropper in Dublin. I bet that Driver was Shitting Yellow when that Happened.

These speed limits that are set drivers never really obey them . Speed Bumps are the only thing that slows them down. Some of them are useless though consisting of Rubber and very slight rises ,not really slowing them down especially the SUVs.Others are two Bumps in which cars can drive through easily. But the ones that stretch the width of the Road and are high is great they really give them a jolt.

Mark Jaroski said...

I'm more a fan of street trees and pylons. The visual effect of having something vertical at the edge of the road seems more effective in slowing most drivers, and it doesn't slow cyclists.

Speed bumps are better than nothing though.

amoeba said...

Glad you liked the videos.

Here's an entirely serious video about speed bumps
Speed Bump Aware!

I believe the speed-limit is 20 mph, but it's clear that the vehicles that touch-down are going much faster than that. Plus some even overtake on the zigzags, which is of course prohibited.

What's interesting is the comments. There is a clear division between those who like the speed humps and those who blame the humps for damaging their vehicles. The fact that slowing-down over the hump would prevent vehicle damage doesn't occur to them.

Anonymous said...

Amoeba, I just HAVE to share that Youtube video on Facebook :)

Anonymous said...

The problem with speed bumps is that some stupid drivers go faster between them and so not sure they slow all traffic down.

Branko Collin said...

Off-topic, but I couldn't find a contact address.

This song:


is currently number 2 in the Netherlands. The refrain goes something like: Hop on the back / The back of my bike / I don't know where we will go together / But I don't care / Hop on the back / We will go away together / I still don't know where we go / But that doesn't matter because I know the way.