06 March 2012

Bike Rides Here and There

If I ever had to do a "bike ride" it would probably be something like this Vélo Vintage event in Anjou, France.

Although something weird is happening in Denmark, too. A bunch of people are going for a "bike ride". Normally something reserved for Emerging Bicycle Cultures, Danes are encouraged to ride a bicycle for the hell of it, and not just drop off kids at kindergarten, do the shopping or hit the town on a Friday night. Okay, not really for the hell of it...

The guy in the film - speaking Danish - is a celebrity tv and radio host and he's selling "Denmark's Largest Bicycle Caravan" in the spring, an initiative of a large Danish charity - ActionAid Denmark. The Tour de Future will set out from the top of Denmark - Skagen - and head to the parliament in Copenhagen. The goal is that Denmark must "take the lead for a green and sustainable future" at the Rio +20 Summit this summer.

Sounds impressive. Hopefully I can combine the ride when it comes through my neighbourhood with picking up the kids or something. :-)


Lucas Jerzy Portela said...

I hate "going for a ride".

but sometimes I do it. Just like I "go for a walk". Alone or with friends. Erands.

Maybe that's why - a city doesn't need to be only practical, and "a ride" not always is a co-lateral sintome of car-centric culture. Maybe it's just another kind of "flaneur".

Andreas said...

The Anjou Velo Vintage reminds me of L'EROICA in Italy and the Tweed Run in London. All of them great ideas. I would love to join.

Kim said...

Odd though it may seem Mikael, some people actually enjoy just going out for a bicycle ride, and if there is a chance to chat with other people alone the way so much the better. Bicycle riding is a very sociable activity.

Tour De Future said...

Hey - thanks for sharing Tour De Future! You rock!
Join the caravan and bike with us for a better future! :)

Redmond Citizen Cyclist said...

C'est super! Mikael, why would you limit people to cycling only for transport as a "symptom" of "emerging bicycle culture". That sort of classification in an of itself seems like limited thinking. Photos from the bicycle culture 1.0 era from my region show bicycles being used as transport and just for fun.

Jane Commuterbike said...

I see what Mikael is getting at.

My own city (Melbourne, Australia) is a place that sees itself either as an up-and-coming cycling town or as a bona fide one, depending on who you are talking to.

In this joint, people are forever organising ride for this and ride for that and ride for the other. If you wanted to, you could go on an organised ride for some worthy cycling-related cause or issue every weekend.

We've even got a magazine devoted to cycling culture, in which various semi-famous people get snapped and interviewed and puffed up for being great people because they ride a bike. "Catherine Deveny is a marginally well known writer and comedian! She rides a bicycle! She says you can go to the same places on a bike as you can in a car! Isn't she wonderful!"

My view is that we are nowhere near calling ourselves a "cycling city" while we are still self-consciously congregating under the banner of cycling and writing feature articles on people just because they ride a bike.

Behooving Moving said...

Oh Mikael, you will be no more insinuated in any cause ride, that drivers are in the Hells Angels when they are overtaken by convoys of Harleys. Those of us in exile, outside Denmark or the Netherlands, nevertheless value that your thoughts being with us, as we do Bike Hour, and pathetic things of this nature. (Does that earn a plug?)

Jennifer said...