15 April 2012

Cargo Bikes Delivered

Kindergarten Cargo Bikes
What a lovely sight that greeted us at Lulu-Sophia's kindergarten last week. A long row of cargo bikes for kids delivered and ready for use in the playground. They're from the Danish company Tress, who produce many kids of cargo bikes for schools and kindergartens

Kindergarten Cargo Bikes
Lulu hopped up on one right away. Lovin' it.

Add these to the many bikes in the educational institution armada in Denmark - as written about in the Cargo Bike Early Learning article here on the blog.


shuichi said...

Wow, she has grown up!

avueltaderueda.com said...

It's a great idea!!!

Olly Green said...

Don't let the police in Pozuelo see this picture - you might get fined!!

Al Camino Team said...

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Sadia said...
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IbisTouche said...

Saw a tandem version for children - nice!

rashbre said...

Lovely picture.

Unrelated but possibly of interest is the latest little kerfuffle in London, since the mini-cab company Addison-Lee declared they would pay the fines of their drivers if they flaunted London laws and drove in bike and taxi lanes.

Its been covered fairly widely and illustrates that even in a city that is pushing (generally successfully) to get more cycling and to open up more safe routes there are points of tension.

The link below gives you a trail if you are interested in the story. (Please feel free to delete this comment if inappropriate here- I just wanted to get the info to you.


My own blog (not just about bikes!) here:

rashbre central

Taiwoon said...

so cute and nice! love it!

Anonymous said...

Is this supposed to be news? They were all over the kindergartens when i grew up and probably still is now 20 years later.