13 April 2012

Sorry, I was Speeding Slightly

Once again, the Dutch prove that they are the only country on the planet that completely refuses to ignore the rampaging bull in society's china shop.

Here the focus is - rightly and intelligently - placed on the motorist. The ones who possess the capability to kill and maim. Boy, what a simple concept. Bizarre it hasn't caught on. The Dutch campaign makes everything these car-centric monkeys dressed as clowns here in Denmark look like car advertisments, what with their insistance on maintaining the status quo regarding the role of the car in our society.

Mark over at Bicycle Dutch has a write-up about it, including interesting graphs about speed limits and the distance required to stop at various speeds.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday, in Helsinki, Finland:


Short translation: Car driver was speeding 130-150 km/h through neighborhood with 40 km/h speed limit. Driver lost control, went through fence, hit house and garage. Luckily outsiders were not hurt. Kids and dogs were in the park that time, not playing at the garden. Car driver, what an idiot!

Anonymous said...

Heh. I clicked the link to "these clowns", and immediately I'm met by a photo showing helmeted cycling kids.


didrik said...

About a week ago here in SF bay area a 17yr old was driving a large SUV (Escalade) at an estimated 80 mph in a 45 zone. He lost control of the truck, rolled it over and went up on the sidewalk where he hit a father and two daughters cycling. He then hit a building so hard that the building might have to be demolished. The father and one of the daughters died.

He will not be charged as an adult! So no manslaughter charges.