23 May 2012

Car Industry Strikes Back - BMW

BMW is at work in the Car Industry Strikes Back series. Sporty cyclists featured in the background. The text "Grace vs Pace" is prominent. But which is which? Does the car have pace and the cyclists grace? Or vice versa? We're not sure.

But the point is clear. Joy wins.

The joy of driving a BMW far exceeds riding a bicycle.

And now their calling it Efficient Dynamics. Less emissions. More driving pleasure. Greenwashing supreme.

Thanks to a follower on Twitter for the link.


SteveL said...

Complained about a different BMW advert once and got a dismissive response from the advertising standards authority -who clearly aren't capable of understanding technical arguments, but are happy to take adverts showing adults cycling without helmets off the air.

Andreas said...

Well, it is an advertisment for an E-Bike, but it is in some why opposite to the car industry campaigns and plays with that subject. Watch out this website:

Adam said...

I have a photo of the full double page spread too if you want it Mikael. The other edge features the Olympic logo to make sure people know they're an Olympic sponsor. Always found it odd that companies that thrive on inactivity and laziness can feel it appropriate to adjoin themselves to sports.

bikeolounger said...

Grace (of a bicycle) is better than race pace, though.

Nik said...

Yes, joy wins! The joy of riding a bicycle in grace!

Tallycyclist said...

I like how there are also more cyclists than motorists in that first picture. Sure, get them all to drive as well, and then you won't be able to hog the road all to yourself and your solitary car. Oh wait, that's already the case in our car-clogged streets around the world.

ubringliten said...

I don't know because that car is hideous. There is nothing graceful or joyful about it.

snogglethorpe said...

haha, seriously ... I have no idea how well BMW cars drive, but they lost their style mojo many many years ago... they're all kinda bloated now ... [probably like most of the owners, come to think of it!]

Ryan said...

I don't recall anyone talking about the "Joy" of driving, yet I often hear people talk about the "Joy" of cycling.
Driving is usually followed by something like this "#%$@%"

The only ad I've come across here involving bikes was for Bic razors:

paleink said...

What can you expect from advertising? Honesty, balance, realism?

Anonymous said...

This is little bit off topic, but I just found weird information on Cannondale e-bike owners manual:

page 2, warnings:

NOT INTENDED: You must not ride this bike in
automobile traffic lanes. This vehicle must only be
operated on paved surfaces that are legally open to
commuter pedal bicycles.


WTF! You must not ride this bike in
automobile traffic lanes! Bike Industry Strikes Back?

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Visit today said...

I agree, the joy of riding a bicycle is grace.