06 May 2012

Catch The Cyclist With Your Eyes

Catch the cyclist with your eyes, not the door!
This is a recycled campaign that returns regularly but we approve of it simply because it places the responsibility on the motorists. No ignoring the bull in society's china shop here.

"Catch the cyclist with your eyes - not your door" is what it says.

These car doors are on posts in various locations. This one was captured by Sandra from the brilliant Classic Copenhagen blog.

Sure, people get doored anywhere there are cars and that includes Copenhagen. I know a few people who have experienced it by I personally have been lucky to never have been even close to it in 17 years in Copenhagen. Motorists know to watch for cyclists, to expect them. I know that in the few times I've been in a car with my kids (my kids spend about five hours in a car each year), you always find yourself saying "watch for bikes" when they're getting out. It's a mantra that every kid hears. When getting out of cars, crossing the street, at bus stops, you name it.

Ironically, this campaign is from Byens Trafikråd - The City's Traffic Council - and it one of the very, very few campaigns from their hand that is actually rational and doesn't point fingers at cyclists.


petterwr said...

The risk of being doored is a pretty good one to stay about one meter away from parked cars when in car traffic. It also forces any car that wants to pass you to change lanes and thereby increasing security even more.

Erik Griswold said...

Thankfully, because of the low occupancy rates of automobiles (About 1.1; Why do we build them for 4-5 people?), the chances that the passenger side doors will open is even more remote. And that is why the Copenhagen-style Cycletrack is fare more safer than the worthless painted driver-door-zone lane found outside of Denmark and the Netherlands.

kfg said...

They're not worthless. They clearly mark where it's unsafe to ride. All it would take to perfect them would be a red slashed circle painted over the bicycle symbols.

Alisdair said...

We're bringing them more in to Melbourne and I wonder how much passengers will look.

The Age newspaper commented on a strategy


But our state government has given zero budget to bike infrastructure so it's tough for cyclists at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Accidents involving doors shouldn't be dismissed as remote - they do happen, and can be serious; this campaign is very necessary. A good friend of mine is recovering from surgery to her shoulder after an accident caused by a passenger door in Copenhagen.

Anonymous said...

In Finland 2011 cyclist died when car door knocked him. Cyclist fell, and then bus hit him with serious results. So this is a good campaign. Please keep enough distance to parked cars.

qian said...

A somewhat unhappy coincidence that on the same day this was broadcast in Australia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcmjjSOdJMg

Ganesha said...

las puertas son el enemigo publico numero 1 de los ciclistas