10 May 2012

Google vs The Facebook Bike in Dublin

Googleised Facebook bike in Dublin - courtesy of billyvandenende on Instagram

The Social Media Wars are now using bicycles as a battlefield. Bear Bicycles is a small company in Dublin selling Dutch bikes to the Irish market. My friend Philip sent me the above photo of one of their bicycles.

He explains: "For a cycling campaign, we have created a 'Facebook' bike - together with local cycling advocacy groups. The goal: to get people out of their cars and on their bikes, by showing how cycling is a social thing and how it positively impacts people's lives."

You can see the Facebook bike on Bear Bicycles... uh... Facebook page, as above.

Dublin is home to both Google's and Facebook's European headquarters. Battlefield Internet, if you will.

Yesterday, one of Philip's colleagues inadvertently parked the Facebook bike near a metro station close to the Google office.
When he got back, the Facebook bike had been Googlised. The metaphor of the footprint escapes no one.

Sure, sure. All in good fun. But hmm. Doesn't Google encourage it's employees not to be evil? Wouldn't you think that they would enjoy some healthy competition and encouraging social cycling?

Or perhaps Facebooks IPO has them riding scared?

We may never know the truth.


Olly Green said...

Funny to see the new "cola war" being played out on a bike! Shows how far the bike has come these last few years!

Anonymous said...

In fairness to Google they seem to have thousands of bike parking facilities on Barrow Street. And apparently only a handful of car parking spots.

I cycle by the Google office everyday and the place is full of bikes.

l' homme au velo said...

Anonymous/ I have not been to Barrow Street lately ,must have a look. In the main parts of Dublin now there is never enough spots to park your Bike ,like Sth GT Georges Street or Sth King Street or O'Connell Street.

This means our rate of Cycling is growing larger all the time in spite of the bad infrastructure,all good. I love Bear Bikes and the Dutch Bike company ,a good few Dutch Bikes and also Old Raleighs to be seen now on Dublins Streets.

Alisdair said...

Will Google help you find your bike if you can't remember where you left it?

Aren't we advertising brands anyway with the stuff on the sides of our bikes like Giant, Cannondale etc?

Either way, I'd rather advertise cycling on my bike.

Anonymous said...

I love scooters, but they must have pneumatic tires. The ones with small, massive wheels that you'll see lots of Danish kids using, really aren't suited for longer stretches, in particular not on the sidewalks.

The rack is ingenious!

Anonymous said...

Sorry - I posted that scooter comment in the wrong place :-/

shuichi said...

Eh, It's fun! I am glad that Philip is very fine. Hope Bear will go well!