13 June 2012

Car Industry Strikes Back - Sixt

Having just returned from working in Brazil and Norway, this was a fun addition to my inbox. Nothing like a new addition to the Car Industry Strikes Back series here on Copenhagenize.

Thanks to Tim from urbanophil.net for this one.

It's from the German global car rental company, Sixt. They cut refreshingly to the chase with their text, making it easier for us:

"To all those pioneers, idealists, eco-heroes and saviors of the world: You don't have to ride bicycles anymore".

Yes, they just wrote that. In all seriousness. In 2012.

So, now a car rental company is feeling the pressure from the rising levels of bicycle traffic. Perhaps this is a response to the recent, German Nationaler Radverksplan 2020, which aims boldly at doubling bicycle traffic in German cities.

As ever, it is a sure sign that the bicycle is back, here to stay and making the transport competition run scared.


Miles Bader said...

Bizarre... do they actually give any reason (however silly) for such an apparently random statement...?

[You know, "'cause our cars are so green" or some blather like that.]

Maybe in their depression they're just doing a lot of drugs?

Miguel Barroso said...

I guess they are fighting this trend: http://www.theatlanticcities.com/commute/2012/06/young-americans-arent-only-ones-driving-much-less-their-parents/2169/

Miles Bader said...

Incidentally, that's one ugly car...

Is it a new trend to make cars as bloated-looking as their drivers?!

Erik Griswold said...

For those of you in North America, this car is the Opel-badged Chevrolet Volt:


Luis Peters said...

They need a drive to work week like this:


Oisín said...

The advertised car is driven by electricity. Sixt implies that electro mobility is THE solution to our environmental (=fossil fuel) problems. Even the German government tells us regularly that we will all be driving electronically driven cars in the future.

Anonymous said...

Don't take this for serious. Here in Germany, Sixt are well known for their ironic advertising slogans. I rather think they are making fun of the stereotype that bikes (or electric cars) are a mode of transport mainly used by eccentric eco-freaks.

Miles Bader said...


Soooo, it's actually intended to make their normal customers feel good, by mocking the "greenies"...?

mucradblogger said...

You are giving them too much credit for being serious. "Sixt" has a reputation for very funny ironic ad campaigns, they had one showing a Bill Gates lookalike with the slogan "if you look like thias, you should at least drive a mercedes", they had one with the picture of Angela Merkel and the slogan "fancy a new haircut? sixt has cabriolets" and so on..

About the ampera ad, i think it plays rather hilariously with the "missionary" standpoint some hardcore environmentalists have.

It won't hurt even a hardcore bike advocat to somtimes laugh about themselves...

Martin, bicycling advocate and blogger

elciclistaurbano said...

Well, maybe we shouldn't take it seriously, but it's a bit dumb to poke fun at your customers.

I use car rental when I need to, mainly for weekend excursions. I don't wish to buy a car, but I do sometimes rent one.

Shame I won't be using Sixt any time soon.