16 June 2012

Cycle Tracks in Vitória, Brazil

Vitoria Cycle Track_1
Some photos of bicycle infrastructure in the city of Vitória, Brazil from a recent trip I made there. No, it's not Best Practice, but even so it is brilliant to see that the idea with the design is right. Physically separated and on the correct side of the cars.

This is an interesting design in that there are curbs on both sides of the cycle track, with an extra buffer against the traffic.

Can you believe that there are still traffic engineers elsewhere putting painted bike lanes on the LEFT side of parked cars and not along the sidewalk? Actually getting paid to design them like that? It boggles the mind that these people aren't relieved of their duties. 100 years of cycle track experience. You'd think that they would know better.

Vitoria Dorissima_2
In Vitória there were also bi-directional cycle tracks on various stretches. Not optimal, but they weren't along city streets but along the beach and through parks.

Victoria Cycle Tracks
A couple of places had Barcelona style tracks down the wide median. Only to provide links and not for any great length.
Vitoria Cycle Track
And the markings were bold and big. Symbols and symbolism is important.

Vitoria Surf and Pull
On the beach stretch this was an interesting variation on the theme. Riding with a surfboard is hardly strange in Brazil, but towing the boy with the rope is cool!

Vitoria cycle Chic_1
Cycle tracks rule. And rock and rule.