05 July 2012

Crown Princess Cargo

Something one might expect to see at Cycle Chic, but here is the Crown Princess of Tasmania... uh... Denmark on her Nihola cargo bike riding across the palace square outside Amalienborg, where the royal types live.

The tabloid's headline reads, "Mary on a bike ride. The Princess takes a day off".

Actually, it's the family's cargo bike. The Crown Prince often drops off his kids at kindergarten in it.

One can question whether or not everyday is a day off for a royal. Someone produced this website that tracks the work schedule of Mary's husband, Crown Prince Frederik. Arbejder kronprinsen idag? / Is the Crown Prince working today?

But hey, at least Mary is living the dream and a bicycle is under her Aussie ass while she is doing it. Nice.


Anonymous said...

That's "aussie arse" not "aussie ass

Anonymous said...

That's "aussie arse" not "aussie ass".

Garry said...

Hi Mikael,

Just an ever-so-slight correction here. "Ass" is the North American term for a person's posterior. In Australia it is called "arse" and is probably considered rather less polite than ass is in it's homeland. Sadly Americanisms are taking over native terms in many places.

Jim Moore said...


If you ask nicely she might show you a map of her home State.

Hey, he went below the belt first!

lagatta à montréal said...

What a dangerous example for Aussies!

No frigging helmet, and no neon kit.

markpa said...

Look forward to Mary joining a Courteous Mass when she's next in Hobart.