22 July 2012

Some Things Never Change

Danish Bicycle History - Some Things Never Change
Some things never change. Not least the nature of our bicycle culture. We still have trouble finding our bicycles in the bike racks.
Is This My Bike?

Danish Bicycle History - Wind
We still ride in stiff headwinds.

Danish Bicycle History - Some Things Never Change
We still ride in snowstorms.
Copenhagen February Traffic - Cycling in Winter in Copenhagen

Danish Bicycle History - Nørrebrogade
We still ride into the bright Nordic sun in the evenings.
Red Flare Sunset

Danish Bicycle History - Aerial
We still carry crazy stuff on our bicycles.

Danish Bicycle History - Taxi
We still have pedicabs.
Cycle Taxi Headwind

Danish Bicycle History - Bicycle Snowplow
And we still ride them in the winter.
Bike Taxi Convoy with Smile - Cycling in Winter in Copenhagen

Danish Bicycle History - Dr. Louises Bridge
We still ride across Queen Louise's Bridge.
Copenhagen Rush Hour_7

Danish Bicycle History - Bicycle Design
Kids still ride unique bikes.

Danish Bicycle History - Swan Song
We still have birds on our bicycles. (although city workers don't carry dead swans under their arms anymore...)
Heron Bicycle


Anonymous said...

Some things do change.
Now we have electric motors and batteries on our bikes to help with the still winds, snow and carrying of odd things.

Mikael Colville-Andersen said...

Yes, aA handful of people have coal or nuclear powered bicycles. The rest of us just get on with it.

Sylvain said...

Knowing that "people only really want that tomorrow should pretty much resemble today"*, that's a very reassuring aspect of bicycles.

* That's not from me or any famous philosopher, that's from Terry Pratchett

Nina said...

Great pictures, where did you find them?