17 August 2012

Bike Sells Car

Dublin Bicycle Life
I cannot be alone in enjoying the irony of this mobile, bike advert in the heart of Dublin, selling car rental.


Jim Moore said...

Only slightly ironic IMO as it's for a rental car, which along with car-share schemes are part of a well-balanced multi-modal transport mix.

Much more ironic (as well as disgusting) are the ads that use cycling to *sell* cars, which you've blogged about previously.

Miles Bader said...

Indeed I'd think a good feature for a car-rental place would be plentiful bike parking!

Neil said...

I dunno, generally I think rental cars are a good complement to bikes.

Each tool to its purpose, and the rental car provides an expensive tool at a reasonable daily rate for those occasions (heavy loads and long distances without good transit options) that call for it.

Paul - The Kind Little Blogger said...

Advertising FAIL.

Emon said...

Fail try to advertise. Must try another effective option.

Car park enforcement

shanecastane said...

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