02 September 2012

Copenhagen Cargo Bike IKEA

Trip to IKEA Trip to IKEA
It's been a while since we've written about cycling to IKEA in Copenhagen. I headed out there with the kids yesterday to pick up a few things. Lulu on the Bullitt and Felix on his bike. Lulu clearly drew the long straw, especially considering the rolling terrain you meet once you leave the city. She sang the whole way.

Above and below are some photos from the journey.

Trip to IKEA Trip to IKEA
One of the most popular articles on this blog was a few years ago. IKEA did a transport study of their customers and found out, to their surprise, that about 25% of their customers rode bicycles or took public transport. They promptly started a bike borrowing scheme to accommodate their customers who wanted to get their stuff home by bike and trailer. They were surprised, but shouldn't have been. Only 29.1% of Copenhageners own a car so other transport options are a given.

You may also recall an earlier trip to IKEA that I documented a few years ago. This is a different route than the one we took yesterday, cycling along one of the motorways leading in and out of the city. In both cases, there are safe, separated cycle tracks the entire way.

If I had wanted to go the IKEA west of Copenhagen, there are cycle tracks on that route, too. In this post about cycling 30 km to christmas, I passed the other IKEA, so you can get an idea of the route.

If you're interested in the route yesterday, we tracked it on the Endomondo app.
The trip out.
The trip back.

You can Streetview the route if you like.

Trip to IKEA
We tracked it for fun. To see how long it took and then, on the way home, to see if Felix and I could beat the time. On the trip back, I forgot to turn off the app until we were in the house, but it gives you an idea.

The Endomondo app is cool if you're into stuff like that. It has "Cycling - Transport" as an option, which is about all I need. Although I don't need it very often. Very few people I know in Copenhagen know how many kilometres they ride - they just know how long it takes.

I don't really get people in other countries who boast about their XXXX km/miles a year. Sure, nice with some stats I suppose, if you're into that but when you are a regular bicycle user, you don't seem to need to prove you are. You just get on with it.

 Shop by Bicycle

I'll always ride to IKEA. If there is something too large to carry home on the bicycle - like beds and stuff - I'll get it brought out by their delivery service and ride home by bicycle with as much as I can carry.

Along the route yesterday there were a few other Copenhageners on cargo bikes heading back and forth and many on bicycles. Makes sense, really, for many IKEA trips.


Miles Bader said...

Wait, if only 29% of Copenhagers own a car, why is (judging from your blog) Copenhagen transport planning still so oddly car-besotted...?

NIKDOW said...

IKEA run picking up 72kg of drawers. The dog didn't fit and had to run home.

NIKDOW said...

Forgot the link: http://ow.ly/i/TTvq

Mikael Colville-Andersen said...

Miles... our point exactly. Go figure.

zmau said...

29% of Copenhagers... it sounds like every family with 3 or 4 members. So you can interpret this data as everyone in Copenhagen owns a car.

petterwr said...

One nice thing about counting your bicycling mileage (everyday use) is that at the end of the year you can see how much money you saved on gas ;)

Ignacio said...

Great post! I live really close to the Gentofte IKEA. The other day I went to buy some stuff thinking about getting bike with the cargo bikes the had previously advertised; but my expectations were shattered to pieces when they told me they didn't offer the cargo bikes or bike trailers anymore!! I had to pay for a taxi, which was still less expensive than the delivery they offered. I had to produce C02!! You know anything about this?

la sovereign said...

This blog is almost all about bicycles all the time, but that isn't what "life" is about all the time, and especially not for me. I did do a couple of days of cycling this weekend, but Labor Day was spent doing other stuff. http://www.la-sovereign.com/

Unknown said...

I recently documented the route from Vienna Praterstern to one of the Viennese Ikeas: http://domm.plix.at/bicycle/2012_09_06_radroute_praterstern_ikea_nord.html (it's german, though..)

And I would love it if we could rent trailers at Ikea!

Wolfgang Hofbauer said...

Hey there, nice post and oh so lovely to see and read about folks who take thier bikes to carry home their new goods.

Thanks for that inspiring blog. I'm looking for a cargo bike and wonder if the brownish one at the end of the article is a custom made one? Or is it available somewhere? Looks great.
Maybe you can drop me a line with some info? Thanks.


rorowe said...

If I didn't own a car, or drive one for work, I wouldn't care nearly as much about tracking my cycling miles. But, I do track my driving mileage (again, for personal and work trips), and enjoy comparing those measly, small numbers, with my much larger bicycle ones. :)