15 September 2012

World's Coolest Bus Commercial

The Bus is Cool. It's epic cool. You may have heard it called a "Loser Cruiser" but in Denmark we see it differently.

For English subtitles, press the cc button on the bottom of the YouTube panel.

The Midttrafik bus company in Denmark has produced this brilliant advert for their services. They also have a microsite dedicated to their Cool Bus campaign.

Well done, Midttrafik.

For more Scandinavian public transport ads, here's a Swedish one for bus passes for teenagers. Great humour. Thanks to the world's most epic Straphanger, Taras for this one.

Nettbuss - Whoever you are from Cobblestone Filmproduktion on Vimeo.

And here's a Norwegian one we posted a while back.


m e l i g r o s a said...

then this danish one made the rounds here in sf:

Oldfool said...

So much more civilized and enlightened that the United States.

Grunzl said...

So it IS true! I have heard the danes can not hear the difference between swedish and norwegian, but I didn*t really belive it. Now I do! There is no swedish commercial here. Both the two last ones are from Norway (the "no" www-ending for "norway" should have given it away, but..)

The danish commercial is COOL though. Even if my personal preference would be tram or train.

Kiwehtin said...

Love these!
That's a European sensibility for you, though. I remember all sorts of ads from when I was in the Netherlands that you wouldn't see over here in Canada what with our subservience in all things to the American way of doing things.

Shamim said...

This is really fantastic. The unlimited access makes it even better 

Evan Reehl Ryer said...
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bbbbb said...

As a dane i have no problem hearing the difference between swedish and norwegian
Swedish = sound of the swedish chef in Muppet Show.
Norwegian = Sound of fingernails scraping chalkboard