22 November 2012

Cities' Blood Vessels

Cities are living organisms with their own arteries and blood vessels. But we have been ignoring their health by clogging those blond vessels as a result of bad recipes. How have we been doing so? Here's a recipe for an unhealthy city:
  • 1 cup full of cars;
  • 1 spoon of bad planning; 
  • 1 spoon of lack of political will; 
  • Spice it up with technical ignorance;
  • Mix it all up and let people's inertia do the rest. 
Here's the result:

Lisbon's Blood Vessels – A mapping experiment from Pedro Miguel Cruz on Vimeo.

Bon appetit. We should experience an heart attack at any minute now.


by Stephen Dorey said...

I really like this way of thinking about the city. Just one thing though with the clots analogy. I agree that lots of slow cars in traffic is bad for health of that neighborhood and the city as a whole, but just unblocking the clot i.e. 'smoothing the flow' is as we know infamously not the answer. I wonder if the next step in developing the concept could be something like cars/trucks representing blood pressure or cholesterol and the flow of pedestrians/cyclists being the key measure as something good in the bloodstream (HDL or oxygen?). Perhaps more difficult to get data or represent as a visualisation?

by Stephen Dorey said...

Thinking further, there have been a few animations using bikeshare data which could perhaps be developed e.g.