14 November 2012

The Car Industry Strikes Back - Chevy & Disneyland

It's not going so good for Big Auto. Those pesky kids aren't bothering getting driving licences anymore. The Demotoriszation of society is in full swing. What to do... what to do... they gotta hook those kids - and everyone else - back to the car - as former BMW designer Chris Bangle said - while keeping a straight face in Melbourne. But how to strike back? How to sell some PEM? (Personal Emotional Mobility)?

Ah! Disneyworld! There's the ticket! We'll call it Test Track!

Get revved up for the exciting, re-imagined Test Track Presented by Chevrolet—the exhilarating driving experience, now designed by YOU! You'll feel like you're part of the Chevrolet design studio as you create your own virtual custom-concept vehicle. Then, put your design through its paces (at speeds of up to 65 miles per hour) on the exciting hills, hairpin turns and straightaways of the Test Track circuit.

And that's just the beginning of your adventure! After your "test drive" is over, you can:

- See how well your car performed and then race it over changing terrains and extreme conditions on a digital driving table
- Produce and share a TV commercial starring your "dream ride"
- Explore a Chevrolet showroom, complete with shiny new cars on display

You won't want to miss this interactive experience when it reopens in December 2012!

Check out the website!

Another, desperate last-ditch attempt to try and thwart the declining brand that is automobile culture? It's an expensive investment, but money is still around at Big Auto apparently.

Good luck with this.

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Klaus Mohn said...

What the... the design of that crap screams "LATE EIGHTIES EARLY NINETIES" so loud I think my ears just popped.

Miles Bader said...

Heh, I was thinking that the vibe is rather late '50s, only with more saturated colors...!

ubringliten said...

Disneyland is for people that don't know how to have real and creative fun. All you need is money and take your kids there, and no thinking and attention are involved.

Erik Griswold said...

If you want to experience this auto-addicted hell, please be sure to go to Walt Disney World, near Orlando, Florida, USA.
An entire lesson in "Odd Florida Governing Tricks" in itself, Walt Disney World in Buena Vista, is not the same as Disneyland in Anaheim, California, USA.

Neil said...

Looks like a revamp of "the car of the future" that's been a fixture at Disney, probably since the '50s, but certainly since the '80s (when I was of the age that my parents took me to Disneyworld). The emotional connection failed then, there's no reason to think that it will succeed now.