16 November 2012

The Copenhagenize Index 2012 is coming and we need YOU!

Happy Friday, Copenhagenizers! My name is Meredith and I'm new here. I'm an urban planner from California, now living in Amsterdam and super excited to be working with Copenhagenize and Cycle Chic (Amsterdam). I am helping out with this year's Copenhagenize Index of Bicycle Friendly Cities and hoping to recruit you to help as well!  

For those of you joining us more recently, Copenhagenize published a
list of the top 20 bicycle friendly cities in the world last September. The list received loads of press and certainly spurred local bike advocates and planners into action. This year, The Index will be slightly different. We're hoping to include about twice as many cities (155!) in the research and instead of only us conducting the survey, we want it to come from the experts themselves--our readers from all over the globe. You!!

We aim to recruit 3 volunteers in/for each of the 155 cities. 
You can help with a maximum of 3 cities (first come, first serve!) and you should have a thorough understanding of cycling for your chosen city/cities. Once confirmed, each volunteer will complete an in-depth survey about cycling culture, infrastructure, politics, etc, in their city/cities. It could take some time, especially if you need to do a bit of research, or make a phone call, to answer the questions. I'd say a couple hours should be sufficient.    

How to sign up? Complete the on-line (confidential) form to submit your cities and contact information.  

When's the deadline? November 26th, 2012 

One more time for those in the back, 
please submit your cities 
by November 26, 2012! 

If you do not see a photo above, please use this link in your browser.


Miles Bader said...

Can you post the questions?

I don't think I'm qualified to fill in the form (e.g. I have no clue about local politics), but I'm curious...

Social Media Blog Solutions said...


I would be happy to help with the California cities, I have been tracking bicycling related research here: facebook.com/bikeforit

I bike Strasbourg said...

I can help you for Strasbourg, France but i don't find it in the list.Strasbourg have the best cycle modal share of France (10 % on the area. You can find lot of information on my web site


Thanks for your answer

Marcus Brito said...

While I'm not in any way qualified to fill in the form for my city, nor am I expecting it to be classified as a bike-friendly city, I really want to:

1) Learn more about the methodology to evaluate the bicycle friendliness of a city, particularly quantifiable measurements.

2) Learn how I can help to improve it — what I can do to influence public policy, or what I can as an individual.

In there any available material to help me with that?

Patrick said...

Only Brussels for Belgium... other cities will be added later?