05 December 2012

Cargo Bike Specific Parking

Fields cargo bike parking
An American-style shopping centre on the outskirts of Copenhagen - Fields - has now created specific bicycle parking for cargo bikes. With 40,000 cargo bikes in Copenhagen, it really is a no brainer. Architect Lasse Schelde, head of the Bicycle Innovation Lab and environmental NGO Miljøpunkt Amager was responsible for this little pocket of visionaryness. I know that's not a word. Well, maybe it is now.

Great to see cargo bikes prioritised, not least because so many people use them. And a sensible solution, too, with railings to lock your bike to.

Copenhagenize Consulting is working on similar projects with our Cyclelogistics EU project.


Rui said...

I ask if you cannot simply park your cargo-bike on a car spot and lock the wheels.

I cannot imagine that someone will carry a cargo-bike to steal it.

Why not take the place away from the cars? Is it EVEN allowed?

I want a cargo-bike! ;(


Slow Factory said...

Rui, as you can in the photo, in parking lots shared with cars, cargo bikes need protection in the form of bollards as they do not have bumpers. Also, they can fit in spaces too small for cars (but some cargo bikes, e.g. old style Dutch three-wheelers, are as big as Smart cars...)

Unknown said...

Rui, in my country's traffic law it's written that parking space is for vehicle. And vehicles - by definition from same law - can be motor vehicles, or nonmotor vehicles. That means it IS allowed (at least in my country (Serbia)) to park any bicycle on common parking place. And I do it, whenever it is comfortable, specially when other option is pavement.
Anyway, very nice installation.

Miles Bader said...

How many parking spots, and how does that compare to the number of car spots?

Frits B said...

Just two spaces, like for handicapped people? I admit it's a start, though ...

Grunzl said...

Rui, I have parked on car-parking spots once with a cargo bike and once with a Vespa. Both times the driver of a car moved my vehicle up on the curb, and therafter parked his/her car on that very spot.
Locking the wheel(s) on a cargo bike will not be enough , alas!
Greetings from Vienna