26 January 2013

A Short History of Traffic "Engineering"

A Short History of Traffic Engineering
A Short History of Traffic "Engineering"


Eneko Astigarraga said...


I tried to explain it one year ago when you proposed your first issue called "Copenhagenize Traffic Planning Guide"


... but this is better.


MB94128 said...

Short and sweet with a dash of wry - EXCELLENT ! Please do a landscape version that could be used as wallpaper on a computer's desktop.

37201xoIM said...

Brilliant! An incredibly efficient and concise way to get the message across.

Dmitri F said...

Apparently the Stockholm Traffic office and Planning office have borrowed this idea in a PDF discussing bicycle planning for a new development in a suburb near Stockholm!

Check it out: http://i.imgur.com/KqXGENw.png

And the full PDF: http://bit.ly/15BdAP3