08 January 2013

Bicycle Tube Dispenser in Copenhagen

Bike tube dispenser
Our intrepid correspondant Lars Barfred spotted this bicycle tube dispenser outside Loke Cykler (a bike shop) in Griffenfeldsgade, in the Nørrebro neighbourhood.
50 kroner ($8.00) for a tube.

There's no school like the old school.

Random fact: Loke, or Loki, is a Norse god. Often regarded as a bit of a trickster, he also helps the other gods in important matters. Which is the case, it would seem, with this bicycle tube dispenser.


girl on wheels said...

UBikes (University Bicycles) in Boulder, Colorado also has a pretty cool 24-hour vending machine. It also has different sizes of tubes. In addition, it vends: mini tools, mini pumps, energy bars and drinks, water, and a few other relevant and choice items. Alas, no photograph on their site just now for me to share.

David Smith said...

There are several tube dispensers like this along the Danube Cycle Path in Austria

Clark in Vancouver said...
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Clark in Vancouver said...

Here's one in a bike shop in Landsmeer, The Netherlands. Sells tubes, patch kits and blinky lights.


Doug said...

Of all of the bike amenities and infrastructure I've seen in my travels, this is one of my favorites. I first spotted one in Bremen, Germany in 2008 and of course noticed a few in Copenhagen last year.

It's a sign of a very healthy bicycle culture - machines like this indicate the that people are out riding at all hours, even when bike shops are closed.

You start with the safe, reliable infrastructure and you wind up with nice little touches like this.

Fri BikeShop Nørrebro said...

Hey. This tube dispenser is from Fri BikeShop Nørrebro, we change the name in november 2012. :)

Fri BikeShop Nørrebro said...



WERGRAPH said...

Encountered several of these in Belgium (Flanders) along cycle paths.

Unknown said...

There's one of these in Spitalfields in London. Last time I lookled it contained tubes in esoteric sizes (er, no 700c), so I'm not sure if it is a style statement as opposed to something that is actually useful.