06 February 2013

Dating Car-Free People

One of our readers sent us this graphic, grabbed from the OneCupid.com dating website. Users fill out a long line of questionaires in order to be matched with likeminded individuals. It's an American website so there are cultural references that don't really apply to the rest of the world. Questions like , "Do you believe that we should be allowed to carry weapons?".

And this question, picture above. We are making inroads in our quest for liveable cities and restablishing the bicycle as transport, but there is clearly still work to be done.

So... dear reader. Would you date someone who didn't have a car? :-)


WildNorthlands said...

I didn't own a car until I was 30 and managed to have lots of girlfriends. Now that I'm well known as being pro-cycling that doesn't seem to be a barrier with the opposite sex!

Jeff said...

Typo: OneCupid is actually OkCupid. Not that the hyperlink really matters in this case.

Rick said...

I guess if you live in a big city, then a car isn't really important. If you need help in the relationship department, this site is very helpful: http://fastforwardtomarriage.com/ggr-video

Stefan Ertmann said...

I think you framed the question wrong, shouldn't it be 'Would you date someone who had a car'? ;o)