07 February 2013

How to Spend 27 Billion Kroner

The Robert Moses Fan Club that in Denmark is pushing ahead with their idea of a harbour tunnel that will only serve to increase car traffic and congestion over large swathes of the Danish capital. Here's what we'd rather have for the 27 billion the new underground motorway will cost.

Design by Emma Sivell, with Copenhagenize Design Co., for Cykelrepublikken.

A larger version is available here.


Gustav Svärd said...

The S-train improvements are that cheap? I mean, the capacity increase would be amazing. Add the trams and all those km of bike infrastructure...

We're set to spend about as much on a motorway bypass (mostly in tunnels) up here in Stockholm. It's just as insane and the popular support that existed keeps dropping (people want the money spent on more subways instead when given a choice).

Marcie M said...

Reading this from Boston, Massachusetts, USA and thinking, "Been there. Done that." Our series of tunnels cost an estimate of over $23.1 billion USD. Sad thing is that the tunnels are only for cars.

The local public radio station came up with a list of 7 things that cost less than that. My favorite is sending the entire population of Flint, Michigan to college. http://www.wbur.org/2012/07/12/7-things-that-cost-less-than-the-big-dig