06 March 2013

Cyclist Detection System on Volvo Cars

Volvo have announced a cyclist and pedestrian detection system in their cars. When a cyclist heading in the same direction swerves in front of the car, the system brings the car to a full stop.

A step in the right direction placing the responsibility on the motorist instead of the pedestrians and the cyclists. Combined with the Dutch external airbags on cars, we might be getting somewhere.

How about a simple addition? A speed sensor. When the car enters a 30 km/h zone, the car is rendered incapable of exceeding 30 km/h. Or 50 km/h. Or whatever the speed limit may be.


Key Stakeholder said...

I dislike these systems. They absolve the motorist of responsibility for the machine they are operating. The infantilise drivers, making them less responsible road users.

JB said...

Boy this brings about odd feelings.
Although I want what is safest for all users of the road I don't think this is heading in the right direction.
In the scenario presented in the video I believe the cyclists should have been riding further to the left and could have avoided such a drastic maneuver. Thoughts?

Snowy Leopard said...

Dear JB and KS, the point is that humans make mistakes. Unexpected things happen. Systems like these save lives when the unexpected happens.

Still, the best alternative is not having any cars on the roads. :p

zmau said...

Well, what's the point of the video ? I don't see Volvo driver even planned to overpass cyclist. Or at least he did not turn up left turn sign.

Alvin Lindstam said...

Volvo's auto brake live demo fail

sachin kashyap said...

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Frits B said...

Intelligent Speed Adaptation is an existing concept. Some 10 years ago a test project was set up in the Dutch city of Tilburg. 120 people took part who after a year said they liked the system. It has never been heard of since, probably because of its complicated nature.

Paul Goodsell said...

I find this advertisement quite strange.

1. The guy in the Volvo is driving as though he is stalking the cyclists.
2. It's not clear how the signal data is interfaced with the driver. Is it via a screen on the dash or does it activate the automatic breaking and that's all?
3. The way the cyclist swerved around the manhole cover suggests the location is a cycling utopia somewhere such as The Netherlands or Denmark and would seem quite peculiar to us Australians. I would never think to do such a manoeuvre without properly checking what's behind me.

Unknown said...

Intelligent speed adaptation and limitation exists and has been tested in multiple places. With the advent of GPS its a system that is very easy to implement (technically):


Not suprisingly, the car lobby is not too happy about it.


Bogus argument against it are that it's a "Big Brother" control of freedom and that it can be dangerous because it prevents drivers from "accelerating out of dangerous situations"

Actually, its a thing that I think should be pushed much more, because it would do wonders to pedestrian/bike safety, in my opinion