16 May 2013

Bicycle Racks on Taxis in Denmark

Bike Culture Taxi
There are many ways to combine transport forms. One of the unsung modes is combining the bicycle with a taxi. In Denmark, every taxi is equipped with bike racks to accommodate two bicycles. All taxi companies weld them on themselves, there is no one solution as it is simple enough to make. No bells and whistles. No Kickstarter campaign. No nonsense.

The racks themselves are in the trunk of the taxi and if you have a bicycle, the driver hops out and sticks them in the slots and attaches your bike(s) with a bungy cord.
Bike Culture Taxis
There is an additional fee of about 10 or 15 kroner ($2-3) if you need to get your bicycle home with a taxi. For whatever reason. A flat tire or other defect, you're in a hurry, it's raining and you forgot your waterproof mascara or if the guy/girl you met at that bar and are heading home with doesn't have a bike - and you want to get home in a hurry...
Taxi Bike Culture
All a part of a truly integrated bicycle culture.

I was suprised to learn in this travel film about Copenhagen from Pan Am in 1962 that all taxis had this option even back then. Click here to hop into the Youtube film and see what I mean.


Mike said...

Bicycles fit inside black cabs in London. Doesn't cost any extra.

Miles Bader said...

nice! ...and unlike bike racks on buses, bike racks on taxis scale (of course taxis themselves don't scale, but at least anybody that manages to get one doesn't have to worry...). ��

I suspect most other countries' taxis would fit in the back seat of a black cab...

Marie Louise Petersen said...

I live in Copenhagen and I have never payed an extra fee when I had my bike on the taxi..