28 May 2013

Bike Share Graph Gauging Public Opinion

The Bike Share Whine-o-meter

In light of the recent launch of New York City's Citibike bike share system, Copenhagenize Design Co. has produced this highly-scientific and frightfully academic statistical graph.

Based on the 500-odd bike share systems now in place in the world we have gathered all the public perception of the systems and crunched the data - compressing it rudely but effectively into one easy graph - for use by cities who are considering implementing a bike share system.

We have also assisted some NIMBYs in New York. One of them was quoted as saying that he couldn't imagine the Mayor of Paris - the city of arts - placing a bike share rack in front of the Louvre:


surelars said...

Ha. Good one. Now, if we could only get the city of Copenhagen to focus less on being world-leading-fancy-hightech, with options for giving keynote talks and making photo opportunities, and more on getting actual bikes on the road, maybe CPH could join the club?

d.p. said...

The NYC bikeshare backlash was surprising and strange to watch from afar.

I don't recall any such aversion to the launch of Boston's Hubway, except from those who (legitimately) complained that the initial rollout didn't get close enough to their parts of the city.

And Boston's historic buildings and streetscapes are, y'know, a wee bit more attractive than yours..

Jym said...

• Actually there was some Hubway hubbub, though not as bad as the tabloid-fueled hysteria in New York. The Boston Globe fussed that riders would "crowd Boston's narrow streets" and reported that the police were preparing to arrest the thousands of two-wheeled scofflaws.

RunningWriting said...

Some of the critics in the Washington D.C./Arlington VA area said that no one would ever use the Capital Bikeshare system. (The earlier SmartBike program was much more limited in scope and scale, which explains why it did not become popular. The local jurisdictions learned their lessons and started off the CaBi network much bigger.)

And no one has used the bikes, except for the millions of people who have.