14 May 2013

I Vacuum Copenhagen

Vacuum Cleaner Culture
Vacuum cleaner transporting a ... vacuum cleaner.

I've been saying for years that we don't have bicycle culture in Copenhagen. We just have vacuum cleaner culture. We all have one, we all have learned to use it, we use it. End of story.
We don't have bicycle culture in #copenhagen. We have vacuum cleaner culture
Another vacuum cleaner transporting a vacuum cleaner.

We don't buy vacuum cleaning clothes at a specialty store, we don't wave at other vacuum cleaning enthusiasts on the street, we don't keep 7 vacuum cleaners polished in our shed. It's not a hobby or a fetish or a sub-cultural membership card.

Our vacuums, like our bicycles, are just tools that make everyday life easier.

So I figured I needed a logo.
I Vacuum Copenhagen


Alan said...


Even vacuum cleaners have one!

Henrik said...

And I shall now be expecting much more clean streets :o)

Antti Linkku said...

Wear a freakin' vacuuming helmet otherwise you'll be sorry when you fall over vacuuming and crack your skull open on the corner of the coffee table.

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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Kelly S. said...
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Kelly S. said...

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Andrianina Ravahimanana said...

One day, when energy price will become too high, more and more Copenhageners will switch too broom for their everyday use. This trend will be so important and the energy sources so scarce that the city will adopt a broom advocacy politic by taxing vaccum cleaners and making some brooms available for free use in the street so that even tourists can use one.
Meanwhile in other advanced countries where a vaccum cleaner is a must-have for everyone who has an acceptable social status, the few wealthy people who use brooms as an everyday practical tool will be regarded as some kind of leftist freaks while the others are just broom fetichists who never use a broom whithout wearing a short-skirted maid or buttonless caretaker costume.
When they recognise each other on their way to buy a new vaccum cleaner, they will greet and exchange roleplaying tips and talk about the last broom specialised magazine issue.

Kevin Love said...

I do not believe that I would be all that upset if someone were to steal my vacuum cleaner.

Kamcheung said...

I've at least one for my mountain cabin in the woods; and one for my sleek city home.