25 December 2013

My Family Tree as a Metro Transit Map

I was thinking about designing a family tree. I have a huge family and it's often hard to keep track of all of them. I had a look around the internet and realised that there was little inspiration for designing a family tree, from a graphic design perspective. Shockingly little inspiration.

So I thought... what if my family was a metropolitan transit system? What would the metro map look like?

It took a while to figure out the details and the design. It's basically an infographic. Family trees are limited to a certain flow and order, which is maybe why there is so little new developments in the design of them.

Anyway, here's the result. The Andersen Metropolitan Transportation Map.

It goes without saying that bicycles are allowed on all these trains.


Dad said...

What software did you use to make the map?

HonkXL said...

great idea! I want to have something similar with my family tree. Can you post informations about the creation of these map?

Mikael Colville-Andersen said...

I just used Illustrator. It took a great deal of time to get the design down pat and to work out all the details.