09 March 2014

The Map Bicycle

The Map Bullitt
Tourist season is starting. I thought it would be nice to be prepared for when they stop me and ask for directions. So I glued a Crumpled City map onto the Bullitt. The Crumpled City maps are rip-proof and waterproof and generally pretty tough. So with some glue underneath and some varnish on top, I'm ready for the lost, wandering herds of visitors to Copenhagen.
The Map Bullitt

The Map Bullitt


Bagus Abdurrahman Wahid said...


M Stoss said...

Absolutly cool! Crowds of tourists will surround your bike soon. Adds some attraction to the Bullit as well, I guess :-)

Jean-Claude Noel said...


I am planning to be in Copenhagen for a week between May 22 and May 29. If I see you on your red Bullitt, I will make sure to stop you and ask for directions.

Beware! I might ask you for a street that does not exist. ;-)

BTW, if everything works out, I am also planning to connect with Ole of "Cycling Without Age" during my stay. I may try to go on an outing with them.

Keep on designing!
Jean-Claude Noel
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada