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01 June 2013

LEGO Urban Infill

The Kids Want the City Back
It's not just about bicycles as transport. The city needs lots of important things. More colour. More citizen interaction. More cinemas, for example. So Felix and I decided to do something about it. There was the perfect little hole in the wall across the street from us, in a doorway. Last December, we decided that a bit of urban infill would be just the ticket. We agreed that we needed a cinema closer to home.
The Kids Want the City Back
We measured the hole and went home to build our Lego Cinema, returning to glue it in place. The kid taking the city back.

The Kids Want the City Back
Because we can.

I recalled that a few years ago the Danish Architecture Center (I think) put up tables on City Hall Square along with a fantastic amount of white Lego bricks. Passersby stopped up and built whatever their heart desired. The Felix and I spent a good couple of hours there.
Chess Set
Continuing on the LEGO theme, Felix and I made this chess set five years ago. We still have it and use it.
Lego Chess

14 May 2011

Bike-In Cinema in Brooklyn

My friend Jason in NYC sent us this cool little press-releasy thing.


This May the first ever Bike-in-Theater will be held by the crew at Forking Tasty Suppers, a monthly dinema supperclub in Brooklyn. To launch their new season they are “going public” with their 2 story high projector and inviting anyone on two wheels to come join them. Of course, they like a little mystery so the location, day and time is undisclosed at the moment. To get on the notification list visit

A few things you can expect; lots of cyclist, an old school hit movie and some delicious snacks. It wouldn't be Forking Tasty if they didn't provide some delectable morsels to munch on during what is sure to be a unique evening.

Next Saturday my friend Jason is holding a Bike-In-Theater to celebrate summer and bike month. Get the secret 411

Our roaming supper club that recreates the lost practice of dinner time. In our house, dinner time was a chance to bond, eat and laugh with family and friends. We restore this tradition by pairing simple, bold cuisine with a uniquely comfortable atmosphere.

Our suppers are an ever-changing experiment in creativity, both culinarily and experientially. Some of our dinners take place on a secret 60-foot deck under the glow of a huge movie screen. Other evenings pop up in a commandeered restaurant for just one night. Some may even require pedaling and chopping by our guests. We are always discovering new places to host our dinners and constantly inventing new dishes to pair with these distinctive locations.