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10 October 2011

A Day's Messing

Fantastic little film!

"A Day's Messing is a silent comedy shot on Super 8mm film in the style of Buster Keaton, George Melies and Charlie Chaplin. It follows a NYC bike messenger as he is derailed from delivering an urgent package by an alluring female cyclist. As he searches for her again on the streets of NYC, he falls into a rabbit hole of time, space and absurdity, until serendipity surprises them both. Written, directed by and starring a clown and mime, this film re-imagines the spirit and technique of classic slapstick and vaudevillian physical comedy for a contemporary audience. "

12 September 2011

We Come Before You Do

Bicycle-related, believe it or not. A condom campaign against AIDS/HIV from Switzerland.
"We come before you do"

Ah, yes. The bicycle is back.

Thanks to Paul from Vienna Cycle Chic for the link.

29 July 2011

Chicago Cargo

It's always lovely when someone switches to pedal power and makes some life choices. It is, however, just a little bit cooler when an American truck driver decides to ditch the semi and get into the cargo delivery business on a cargo bike in Chicago after 500,000 truck driving miles.

Brandon started Chicago Cargo and got himself a Bullitt cargo bike. As he says himself, "Logistics and pick-up/delivery is a game I know well and enjoyed as a truck driver, yet I wasn't able to do the other thing I love, riding my bike! Hopefully being the owner/operator of a cargo bicycle delivery company will provide me a healthy balance and a successful business."

Brilliant stuff. You can follow @ChicagoCargo on Twitter.

The film was made by
If you're in Chicago, you can check out Bullitts at Copenhagen Cyclery and Splendid Cycles in Portland are a major Bullitt dealer, too.

15 March 2009

Stylish Bike Messengers

Here's a clip from an old Danish film featuring one of the legends of Danish stage and cinema, Marguerite Viby. She is addressing a group of 'svajere', which is the Danish word for bike messengers, long before Kevin Bacon appeared in Quicksilver and one trouser was rolled up.

The 'svajere' defined the urban landscape in Copenhagen for decades with their cargo bikes, their sharp tone, affection for swearing and whistling at pretty girls. The were urban legends. And well-dressed ones at that. Our day's bike messengers can learn a fashion tip or two from these chaps. If a bike messenger company started up with riders dressed like they did in Copenhagen in the 1930's, I'd be sending packages all day long.

There is no other country in the world where cycling and cyclists feature so much in literature, song and poetry as in Denmark.

Anyway, here's a very brief transcript of the dialogue and lyrics:

Ms Viby
What would Copenhagen be without you?

A Svajer
Bloody boring!


Ms Viby
I'm going to sing a song at a theatre tomorrow and it's about you. It means so much to me that the melody, which is the last song in the show, will be a hit. It's in your hands to help me make that happen. Because the melodies you all whistle are sure to be popular. You can make the whole city hum a melody if you want to! Will you help?


Ms Viby
I'll sing it once and you can whistle it afterwards.

Ms Viby - Singing:

Hi, you old city slicker
have a look!
Here's the asphalt cowboys team
with music.

Over the traffic lines
we race each other
the 'svajere' are a hoot
and the tone is sharp

Ding-a-ling me here
Ding-a-ling me there
and ding-a-ling for Copenhagen
and Frederiksberg...

Addendum: Remember the National 'Svajere' Championships in Copenhagen on April 18th.

Bloody hell... I love the internet... Here's the trailer for Kevin Bacon's Quicksilver. Man, I used think that film was cooool.

03 June 2008

Advertise On Bikes in Copenhagen

Bike Messenger
Danish Bike Messenger on the bike lane in the heart of the city. A Christania Bike for larger deliveries from Budstikken.

We have posted many photos about how bikes are used as advertisments in the urban landscape. A new Danish company is taking it one step further. - or Sponsor Cycles - is providing an attractive way for companies to advertise in the city.

Even better, families can get a new Nihola cargo bike for basically half-price - 7000 kroner - if they sign up and agree to keep the adverts on the cargo box for six months.
As we described a few days ago, using your bike for adverts is a given. Your bike is on the bike lanes all day long. Dropping your kids off at school/kindergarten/daycare, then off to work, then to the supermarket and back to get the kids, and so on. You are visible to the traffic - cars and bikes - for long periods of time during each day., the company who is arranging this marriage of convienence between advertisers and families itching for a cargo bike, only accepts ethically-sound products with an environmental angle, which is extra cool.

So, while we're in a cargo bike phase, here's a couple of images:
Having a chat as they ride.
Three rickshaw type bikes in Nyhavn - tourist central - vying for punters.