27 December 2011

Ed van den Elsken Fietsen

Brilliant film from Ed van den Elsken. As our friend Angela called it, "A short movie about cycling in the pre cycle chic era". Fantastic footage from Amsterdam.


James said...

Not many bike lanes back then.

Frits B said...

None at all. This was the time people started argueing that bikes should have their own infrastructure. See

superkaos said...

That's funny, a video on this blog showing that people did actually ride bicycles without bike lanes and integrated with the rest of the traffic. I thought that was an impossibility that only young testosterone ridden male athletes were capable of doing and that only crazy people advocated for it. This video clearly shows that the real porpose of bike lanes was to clear the roads of bicyclists for the convenience of motorists. And it has indeed worked extremely well, at least in Amsterdam.

J. Lutma said...

Certainly not in Amsterdam where there's still a good share of bicycle use. More or less than in 1965 is difficult to say from a 5 min film.

It's worked extremely well instead in many other places where bicycles have been completely blown off the map. The fact that these places have seen no bicycle specific infrastructure may be a reason or maybe just a coincidence.

superkaos said...

No, I didn't say that the reason for constructing bicycle lanes was to stop bicycle use. I said that it was to get bicycles off the roads so that motorists could have them all for themselves. Do people in Amsterdam still ride on the roads (as they did when this movie was filmed)? The worst part is that they were also successful in the brainwashing that went together, telling cyclists it was for their own good.

Cook said...

This must have been Amsterdam´s secret sect.

superkaos said...

Yeah, those that didn't think of the children, the elderly and the sick.

http://vehiculosverdes.com said...

it is an incredible prove that bike lanes are not needed. Besides than a great documentary wonderfully cut and composed

Branko Collin said...

Supertroll, yes, on the streets that you see in the video, people still ride their bicycle. The Vijzelstraat and the Raadhuisstraat have bike lanes, so that cyclist don't have to ride practically in the gutter as they do in the video.

You would feel right at home in the gutter, eh?

The Spiegelgracht now has traffic calming measures in place. Some parts have separate bike paths, in the other parts car drivers dare not venture.

In the smaller streets people still ride their bicycles on the road.

Your point being?

"I thought that was an impossibility that only young testosterone ridden male athletes were capable of doing and that only crazy people advocated for it."

That is strange, because nobody ever claimed that. So sad that you vehicular cyclists need to resort to rhetorical fallacies.

The reason people rode their bikes among cars back then is because the Netherlands like much of the rest of the world, was in a transitional phase, moving from bikes to cars.

Thank you for proving the necessity and success of high-grade bicycle infrastructure.