16 October 2012

Love Handles and Blogging the City

So, slapped up a Copenhagenize Love Handle in Amsterdam last week, when I was speaking at the brilliant Blogging the City conference. As I promised the audience. Maybe it's still there. Maybe it's not.

Let us know if you see it.

More on the Love Handles can be read here.

The Blogging the City conference, organised by Jeroen Beekmans & Joop de Boer of The Pop-Up City, featured a great line-up of speakers.

- Brilliant talk by Charlie Hilton of Urban Times.
- Zef Hemel head of the urban planning department of the City of Amsterdam, and blogger at Vrijstaat Amsterdam.
- Stefan Höffken from Urbanophil talked about his work and inspiration.
- Wouter Boon talked about his successful Amsterdam Ad Blog.
- Antonia Märzhäuser on the always brilliant and fascinating Freunde von Freunden site.
- Régine Debatty highlighted the story of her inspiration for her blog we-make-money-not-art

- Luc Harings from IloveNoord.nl about placemaking and civic pride.
- Loads of cool urban shit from Rudolf Klöckner of Urban Shit.
- Filip Visnjic of Creative Applications, a blog that reports innovation and catalogues projects, tools and platforms at the intersection of art, media and technology.
- Martijn de Waal from The Mobile City investigates the influence of digital media technologies on urban life, and the implications for urban design.
- Ernst-Jan Pfauth from Pfauth.com gave an impassioned plea for more Amsterdam blogs.